Friday, January 8, 2010

January: Thrills & Chills

January got off with a bang, didn't it?  No sooner did we start drafting resolutions about eating healthy foods, exercising and getting organized than an arctic wave the size of Mars covered a great deal of the US and Europe.

In Houston this brings schools to a close.  On a closer note the cold brings more suffering to the homeless and many women undergoing chemotherapy.  Weakened immune systems mean additional precautions (wash hands, wash hands, wash hands), extra rest and nutritious foods. Why is it that the simplest things to do (rest, drink fluids, s-l-o-w and take care) are sometimes the hardest to implement?  Look at this  way:  if you are undergoing treatment for cancer or know someone who is:  these simple measures can be life saving.
There are lots of things on my mind today but here are the top two:

1)  It's not about the bra, is it?

If battling cancer were as easy as calling out the color of our lingerie (a new meme on FB, where everyone else knows and you are the last to find out) then a lot of people wouldn't need to work has hard as they do.  It ain't about your bra color baby, for breast or any other kind of cancer......or am I just being crabby?  One of the greatest things about this community of women is the ease in which we state our opinions, agree, disagree, and go on about our business.

2)  January:  Cervical Cancer Awareness

We know cervical cancer screenings save lives. Now scientists also understand that  HPV -- the human papilloma virus -- is responsible for the majority of  the 9700 new cases of cervical cancer diagnosed every year.  The new vaccine protects against four different strains of HPV.  The pap test though -- in and of itself -- has reduced cervical cancer rates in the United States by more than 70%.  That's something.  Below I've listed two excellent sources for you about cervical cancer:

  • The National Cervical Cancer Coaltion 
  • Tamika and Friends a grassroots effort by an incredible survivor and LiveStrong leader, Tamika Felder.  Both sources can help you get to where you need to go!
Next week I'll be talking about the big cancer stories of the last decade and a few resolutions we can all make to help unite ALL women with cancer. 

Love and blessings,

PS -- Loving the snow in Iowa over Christmas and having a blast.


Annemieke said...

Dear Jody,

Beautiful blog, sharp insight as usual. And than you wonder why you are my role model and inspirator!
Thank you so much for sharing this with us and being part of my life. I once again looked at your ring of angels and ring of warriors and am impressed by the number of lives yout already touched. This beautiful blog will help so many more. Thank you for that, dear Twister! Love you, Annemieke

Jody said...


As always I thank you -- you are generous and kind always.
This year one of the stories is about YOU. What month is your birthday?
That's when we will hold your debut!

Love to you,

Anonymous said...

Jody, You are very cool with the words and insight, I appreciate your thoughts. I am a breast cancer survivor myself and have had a tough go of it the past 19 months... anything that brings attention to breast cancer, even the color of my bra!!! I will have fun with... Because it is fun!!! and breast cancer isn't....:) Have a wonderful day, Thanks for your opinions..

Debbie said...

Great post my friend! I ain't about the bra or the boobs:) It's about each individual going through it and about the many others supporting them.
Love the pic of you in Iowa! You rock and thanks for being such a strong advocate for all people with cancer.
Love, Deb

Jody said...

I'm always so glad for your comments. And you I'm thrilled how you embrace life with such love, fun and spirit. Here is the Mashable link you were asking me about: you are at the
Love you you,

Jody said...

Thanks for your comments yesterday afternoon. Breast cancer treatment IS not fun in the least and I am so glad that life is great for you now. Celebrate and dance! Thanks for writing and please stop by and visit again. Was this your first time?
I have a friend Debbie (Deb M Thomas) so I want to make sure I keep you both straight.
Have a great day,

Anonymous said...

Hi, Jody, yes this is the first to visit your blog. You are honest forthright and write with integrity. That is exactly what we need to let others understand what we truly fight when dealing with cancer. Thanks again for your insight it is invaluable..I will be visiting often..

Deana Goldasich said...
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Deana Goldasich said...

Hi Jody, I have to agree with the comment on the whole "color of your bra" thing on FB. I participated. I admit it felt silly. It even felt like we were trivializing things. I think what WOULD have made it effective is if a cancer-fighting organization had sponsored it or even publicized it on their fan page. THEN we'd have some fun that was actually tied to some real awareness and action. Here's hoping that ACS or another Breast Cancer fighting orgagnization takes notice and sees the potential.

Jody said...

Great to see you here! I'm glad you stopped by and I really appreciate your comments. Hopefully all of you understand that I am not "antifun." Usually I'm the first one out the door to make an angel in the snow...we all are.

For more great info on this topic
there's a great post today from the "Breast Cancer Advocate," from the National Breast Cancer Coaltion. The writer says:

"To me, it’s another example of what is wrong with how we are approaching the problem of breast cancer. Publicity for no other disease would be flirtatious or so silly. Think about it. What if to spread the word about diabetes people said “Save the feet!” and asked people to secretly post the color of their socks on facebook. It would never happen, and if it did, it would be seen as incredibly insensitive. Breast cancer is a horrid, ugly disease, but somehow, this powerful association has been
created of things pretty, pink, inspirational, sexy, and sometimes silly."

I thought that sentence nails it. We don't do goofball things with prostate cancer. You don't hear hear many men laughing their socks off about recovering from surgery for prostate cancer. They don't think it's cute at all....either do I.

And the bra color exercise leaves out many women, including me, whose treatment resulted in extreme discomfort with even wearing a bra at all. After ten years I'm still trying to find one I can wear for more than two hours. Maybe that's MY issue, but I'll call it out as such.

The writer in the Breast Cancer Advocate goes on to say how inspirational it is though, that so many women CARE. And that is the bottom line. All of you who join here with me to support women with all kinds of cancer are to be commended. Let's keep the good work going.

Love to you all,

The link to the Breast Cancer Advocate Article: