Monday, July 4, 2011

Starting #BCSM Tonight! Topic: What's Normal Now?

Was it coincidence that Alicia Staley (@stales) and I chose the Fourth of July for the inaugural #BreastCancerSocialMedia Tweetchat?
           Let me put it this way:  we've been talking about this for too long.  Just do it, we said.
           An online chat usually starts with a short period of introduction then either three questions (sometimes less) in 15-minute segments.   Sometimes groups have chatted for an hour on ONE question.
           Tonight's questions are:
           1) Tell us why you're here for #BCSM tonight.  What do you hope to gain/learn/change?
           2) Some call life after treatment the new normal.  Let's go beyond that.  What's normal now?
           3) From a question that Lani Horn (@chemo_babe) tweeted today:  what do you do to keep your independence* from cancer?  And we DO want to hear from women with metastatic disease on this question, too.  All of us have to have a "cancer free zone" in our minds.  How do you separate cancer treatment from your identity?
          And one last thing:  please let us know what you think of this day and time.  We want to include as many as possible.  I look forward to "seeing" all of you tonight!
         #BCSM Tweetchat - 9 pm ET.       


Beth L. Gainer said...

This is a wonderful idea!! And the questions are great ones. I might just pop in and join the conversation.....

carmen2u said...

That was a home run of a chat tonight! There was so much good will and honesty, I was blown away. I need time to parse through all the comments from the shared remarks on "the new normal". Total eye-opener. The gentleness displayed by the Twitter community on there was very reassuring. Great idea, Jody and good job by you and Alicia both.

Unknown said...

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