Thursday, October 18, 2012

Beautiful Pilgrims

The other night my sister and I were talking about breast cancer awareness/advocacy and #BCSM.  I said to her that the month of October leaves me concerned as an advocate - it can be divisive, renew anxiety in survivors and far too often fund-raising hoopla overshadows the reality of cancer.

I asked her what poem came to mind from the words community and support.  One the reasons I love her so much? This is what she sent to me.  For all of you beautiful pilgrims.

-- with love to Megan and for Lisa Adams.

The Shape of the Leaf -

This is the shape of the leaf, and this of the flower, 
And this the pale bole of the tree 
Which watches its bough in a pool of unwavering water 
In a land we never shall see. 

The thrush on the bough is silent, the dew falls softly, 
In the evening is hardly a sound. 

And the three beautiful pilgrims who come here together 
Touch lightly the dust of the ground, 

Touch it with feet that trouble the dust but as wings do. 
Come shyly together, are still. 

Like dancers who wait, in a pause of the music, for music 
The exquisite silence to fill. . . . 

This is the thought of the first, and this of the second. 
And this the grave thought of the third : 
'Linger we thus for a moment, palely expectant. 
And silence will end, and the bird 

'Sing the pure phrase, sweet phrase, clear phrase in the twilight 
To fill the blue bell of the world ; 
And we, who on music so leaflike have drifted together. 
Leaflike apart shall be whirled 

'Into what but the beauty of silence, silence forever^' . . . 

. . . This is the shape of the tree. 

And the flower, and the leaf, and the three pale beautiful pilgrims ; 
This is what you are to me. 

-- Conrad Aiken


Debbie said...

Beautiful Jody, Thanks for sharing. Love, Deb

katie ford hall said...

Thank you Jody. xo Katie