Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I'll Be Back

Ah.  I'll be on the road less traveled starting today. On retreat, on the lam, off the grid, on vacation. Unplugged and uncharted. But not unhinged or unhappy.
        I've already ordered a few books to read and a new pair of walking shoes. The heels have been totally worn down in the pair I'm wearing.  I'll also pick up a small notebook for writing.  That's it.  I even have a new 'vavoom' dress. All I'll need is some red lipstick.
        While I'd like to say I'll take a vacation from thinking about cancer I doubt that will happen. As my circles deepen I know more and more women who are newly diagnosed, undergoing treatment, and one has ended treatment. A woman with a daughter and hundreds of students and people who love her.  That's the story of cancer.
        We need to continue to change the narrative of this disease.
        While I'm gone Alicia Staley will moderate the #BCSM tweetchat on Monday, August 8.   I know there are tons of topics to cover.  Would you do us a favor and jot some of them below?
         See you on Monday, August 13.   I'll be back.        


Amy said...

One topic you and I had previously discussed - simultaneously dealing with cancer and other diseases/conditions. But maybe too specific? Not sure how many of us are out there with multiple chronic diseases.

Enjoy your time away!

Debbie said...

So happy for you but will miss you too! Let's see, topic for #bcsm chat. Post treatment depression, how to deal, making newbies aware/prepared without scaring them, how to help families/caregivers understand.

Beth L. Gainer said...

Hi Jody,

Glad you are taking a well-deserved vacay.

I'm sorry I missed the tweet chat on Monday. My little one needed mama to read to her and put her to sleep.

Yeah, post-treatment depression is a good topic for the next chat. But there are so many cancer-related topics that are worth discussing.

Julie Goodale said...

Have a great vacay!

I was all wrapped up in rehearsals so couldn't join the chat. Topic of interest to me is how to talk about the ongoing nature of dealing with our disease without sounding too scary or depressing. People always ask about when they'll start to feel normal again, when does it all go away? 10 years out, & it still isn't normal, there are still scares & worries. But it changes.... I worry, though, that in talking about the reality of living with cancer, it sounds too depressing to someone still getting used to it.

Cheryl said...

What a test it will be to remain 'un-plugged' and 'un-hooked.'
Look forward to hearing more after your 'well earned' vacation.

Stacey said...

Jody, enjoy, enjoy. said...

A vacation! I remember those! I'm in an airport on my way to a meeting. While I'm looking forward to it, it's far from a rest.

Topics: Coping, helping husbands, children, depression, how not to focus on cancer ALL THE TIME... Oops, must go. Plane is boarding.


The Accidental Amazon said...

Have a great & much deserved vacation, Roomie! And we want pix of you in the vavoom dress with the red lipstick.

So many topics to depression is a good one. Also, having been thinking of the hidden financial burdens of cancer treatment. Another would be, if you had it to do over, would you do anything differently? Yet another might be, what do you wish your docs had told you that they didn't?

Look forward to hearing from your recharged, rejuvenated self upon your return. xxoo

Nancy's Point said...

Jody, Enjoy your time away and being "unplugged." I'm going to do the same soon. Too bad we can't unplug the mind though, right? Til later...

Unknown said...

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