Friday, July 1, 2011

Let's Talk: #BCSM - Breast Cancer Social Media

I can honestly say that social media changed my life.
          If that seems overarching let me just tell you a quick story.
          When the economy tanked in '09, so did my supply of free-lance projects.  As I was looking around for additional work, I kept reading about these great unknowns. One was Twitter.  The other was something called "social media."
          Immediately I felt intimidated, as though it was something for cool people to do with other cool people.  I've never been a cool person.  And I was already in my 50's (potentially very uncool even though I'm fond of it). I knew that if I didn't go catch the bus and go to school on both I was going to have a long walk home.
          Here we are today, Friday, July 1, and the introduction of #BCSM, Breast Cancer Social Media, a Twitter chat starting Monday, July 4 at 9 p.m., eastern/8 p.m., central.  Initially Alicia Staley (@stales) and I will moderate, but a conversation doesn't not "belong" to either one of us.
          It's ours.
          And our example comes from watching and participating in three different Twitter chats, the original #HCSM moderated by the incomparable @danamlewis, #hcsmca moderated by the also incomparable @colleen_young, and #HPM, yet another fantastic discussion on hospice/palliative medicine started by @ctsinclair.
          So we'll blend their example with the breast cancer community's needs.
It's our premise that the breast cancer community needs to redefine pink.  That's a premise. The purpose of the chat is to find out what YOU think, from prevention, to treatment, and defining what life is for you now, today, as a woman with breast cancer. There's so much to talk about in fact that we'll never be at a loss for things to say. Far from it.

The challenge will be in saying all that's essential in each weekly, 60-minute chat. We hope that by starting up the conversation we can truly change the tide.

            So please join us Monday nights, beginning at 9 pm ET/8 pm CT for #BCSM on Twitter.  All you have to do is type in #bcsm in your search feature and anything related to this hashtag will appear.
            The only "rules" in regard to a tweetchat are to refrain from shameless self promotion and focus, instead on exchanging the best of what we know to help each other. That's what we do every day anyway.  Now we'll do so in one place, at one time.
             I can't wait!           


Debbie said...

I can't wait either! Congrats to you and Alicia for starting this up and hope I will be able to jump in here and there!
Love, Deb

PinkRibbonBlues said...

Getting beyond pink is just what the doctor ordered. Count me in!

Suzzann Cummings said...

Oh, I'm so in! (and excited :)

Jody said...

That's so fantastic. If you have specific topics for July - bring 'em on in. One of the best practices imported from #hcsmca (health care social media Candad) is an excel spreadsheet developed by @colleen_young that lists the questions for each week's chat. Eventually we'll add medical oncologists, surgeons, maybe help keep all of us informed -- together! Could it be better??

hugs to you all & please spread the word!

Diane LeBleu said...

Hi Jodie - I'm sort of your neighbor, just down the highway in Austin. I'm a 2+YR cancerpreneur. I got dealt some seriously crummy lemons at age 39 when my babies were 2, 3, 7 and 10. Now, I create instant pockets for mastectomy patients to hold their drains after surgery. I was - inspired. Best to you! Diane at said...

What a great idea! Count me in... At least the Monday nights I'm home. Some Monday nights I have a Bible study group in San Antonio.


Anonymous said...

I know the difference social media has made for my sister Stacey at BringingUpGoliath, as well as for our family's ability to be supportive of her - Best of Luck!

Cheers from the sidelines

Anonymous said...

I know the difference social media has made for my sister Stacey at BringingUpGoliath, as well as for our family's ability to be supportive of her - Best of Luck!

Cheers from the sidelines

The Accidental Amazon said...

It's on my calendar. ;)

Marianne Hobbs said...

As a BC Survivor I am hoping to join in the Monday discussion whenever I can. Discussion brings about positive change and improvement!

Anonymous said...

Social media changed your life??? Me too!!! This is a fantastic idea - going to do my best to join in this evening...much success to your new venture! Marie

LaurieA (@Turban_Diva) said...

I'm there! And glad I saw the "pink pockets" - just in time.

Unknown said...

Fascinating thoughts right here. I appreciate you taking the time to share them with all of us.
In no way believed that it was this simple all things considered.

Unknown said...

Hey ladies im 15 and here a serious Queston