Monday, January 3, 2011

To 2011: More Cowbell

It's a new year, a new week, a new day.
        Yesterday Marie Ennis O'Connor asked her readers what three words they'd choose for 2011.  I was on my way to a meeting and couldn't stop to write, but I hastily tweeted one word:  distill.  Less is more in life and work.
        Let me explain.  Public enemy number one for most of us in our work lives is distraction. Hit one too many Twitter links and suddenly your most productive work hours have passed you by.  So to get my work accomplished staying focused is essential. That way I can move forward with my work and stay connected with my Twitter and Survivor communities.
        And something else. This past year I realized that more than half of my life is over.  t's a compelling recognition, a sobering one, and ultimately liberating. I know what I'm about.  Being engaged in meaningful work in the cancer and advocacy arena is my biggest priority. Yes, there are literally mountains I want to physically climb and places I'd love to visit, but at the end of the day helping to serve women with cancer is my greatest joy.
      You're familiar with the great phrase "more cowbell?" Well, here's to more joy. I can tell you that you'll find more when you pare you life down to what matters most.  Romp in the snow play, skip through streams  laugh until you cry. By giving up the fluff you get to go for the gusto.  Trust me.

I think the world of all of you.  Your loyalty, your continued awesome comments and insights, are the best Christmas gift I could have ever imagined.  Here's to you,



Annemieke said...

Dear Jody,

Once again you managed to teach me a wise lesson, as you do with all your blogs. I will try to incorporate it in my day to day life. But most of all I want to tell you you were the "best gift" 2010 gave me. Love and big hug, Annemieke

CancerCultureChronicles said...

Jody - my three words were listening, learning and engaging. Meeting you and the other wonderful women in the online community are helping me do that. What a lifeline it has been and continues to be. Thank you for all that you do for us. But I've never heard of this saying "more cowbell". Please explain. ;)

Nancy's Point said...

Jody, It's kind of ironic how we all feel we have so much to do and time is passing so quickly, but yet at the same time, we are so easily distracted and lose focus for what we really should be working on. Does that make sense? I have found being part of this online community to be a true lifeline, as Anna mentioned, and as you said, the greatest Christmas gift. Here's to reading more of your blog this year. And, of course, "more cowbell!"

Debbie said...

Love this post my friend, especially now that I understand the reference, "More Cowbell!" I can definitely do with more cowbell in my life and it is time I start making it happen:) Thanks to you for all you do and I love how you are in a place where you have such a great sense of yourself, that is inspiring!
Love, Deb

Beth L. Gainer said...


This is a very insightful posting, and I really agree with your point about how distractions such as Twitter can sway us from our goals.

Like many, I didn't appreciate my health until it was compromised. My three words are steely, determined, and courageous.