Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Making the Impossible: Possible

Fans of the Tour de France and Livestrong will remember the "chalkbot" campaign last summer where cancer survivors and fans posted their messages of hope, inspiration and encouragement for American hero Lance Armstrong.

The message I sent "You Make the Impossible: Possible" expresses my deep feelings about the LiveStrong Challenge ride in Austin this past Sunday. All of you helped make the impossible, possible for me and thousands of others affected by cancer.

Think about this. When I finished chemotherapy in December of l998, before I even started radiation, before I started a year long process of reconstruction and physical therapy for frozen shoulder and lymphadema, I could barely walk up a hill. I was out of breath. It hurt to breathe, it hurt to walk. My feet were still swollen from steroids that -- at best -- helped squelch nausea and at worst -- sent me spinning around like Wiley Coyote.

Like every other cancer patient before and since then, I hung on, carried along on God's shoulders and through the love of friends. Sometimes all you can do is just soldier on and get through something. That is what I did.

You stayed with me on the ride, and with me through all the phases of recovery. This past Sunday, another joyous celebration of the impossible become possible. I cycled 65 miles up and down the hills surrounding Dripping Springs, Texas, past pastures, grazing goats and horses, past incredible vistas of the beautiful Hill Country all Texans love. You supported me with your wishes, your calls, your tweets, your love and your donations. You helped me raise more than $1200 for the cancer research programs sponsored by the Lance Armstrong Foundation. You are helping me to fight this incidious disease that fractures lives.

To all of you, my love and gratitude. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.



Unknown said...

Lovely. It inpsires and gives hope to many.

Anonymous said...

Jody, you truly are an inspiation in so many ways, and you inspire me right now to go do something about getting out there and pushing myself physically, because after my treatment, I pretty much wrapped myself in cotton wool, and 5 years later the wrappings are still on. You light up the world Jody with your grace, beauty, kindess and strength and I am honored to call you my Twister x

Livestrong Army Netherlands said...

Sweet Jody, what a lovely post. It brought tears to me eyes, especially when I noticed my uncle's name on your list of angels. Thank you for all you do. Proud to live strong and fight strong alongside you. Karen

Unknown said...

So inspiring!

Annemieke said...

Dear Jody,
It is so easy to love you for all the great work you do and the inspiration you are to so many. You managed to turn that horrible experience into something that benefits many and have place in your heart for all of us. I'm very proud to be you #Twister and can't wait to ride those Texan hills with you. We will keep fighting this disease that hurt you so much and made us loose so many loved ones. Love you, Annemieke!

Debbie said...

As I said before, thanks for leading the way for so many of us! I am so lucky you found me on Twitter otherwise I would still be lost. You are one of my heroes and one of my sisters. Much love to you!